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MY Services

Professional translation

From English and German to French.
Translation, review, content creation
Marketing, technical, IT texts.

Multilingual communication

Web – websites development, community management…
Print – sales brochure, business cards…
Event – planning & promotion
Language courses – English, German & French


After graduating in translation and multinlingual communication, I started working in communication. I had the opportunity to lead several projects in a communication agency, from branding to implementing an action plan, but also to work in an event agency, promoting several shows about well-being.

I now decided to work as a freelancer, helping you to create and to translate your corporate documentation in several languages and to increase your visibility online.

Looking forward to work with you on your multilingual projects !

Solutions for your needs

Whether you are a merchant, an independant or a company, I undertake to fulfill your needs of translation, documents creation or web communication.

Speak to the world

You need to translate something into French?

Since translation is not just word for word, I value your message and your own way to express it. EN & GE > FR

Create new media

You need a new logo, business cards or a new sales brochure?

Make a good first impression by enhancing your image ! I support you in the creation of your visual identity and your print documents.

Be visible online

You want a new website or just to be visible online ?

Because nowadays, our first insitinct to get more info on a company is to go look for it online, develop your visibility on the web !